Tool manufacture

Forming tools

We manufacture the most demanding tools for sheet-metal forming, up to 8 mm thick and individually adapted to production possibilities and requests of our customers from the car and other industry. We take care of regular maintenance and eventual tool repairs. The conformity of products, on-time manufacture , high productivity and long durability of our tools are garantied due to the latest software and the advanced machine park.

Progressive tools

Size up to 4000x2000x1500 mm.

On the basis of the drawing or 3D product model we prepare the production methodology, which is fundamental for the tool manufacture. The finished tool is tested on the press and a small series of products is made. We work together at the assembly of the tools and make the putting into operation of serial production possible. We ensure the minimum use of material, a long durability and a simple tool maintenance.

Transfer press tools

Size up to 6000x2500x1500 mm.

We manufacture transfer press tools for all sorts of forming parts. According to customers’ requests we prepare the production methodology and technology. Special attention is put on forward feed optimisation and on shortening of transfer passages. The tool can include passive or active transfer mechanisms. If necessary, we can make computer simulations of the individual stages.

Individual tools

Size up to 4000x2000x1500 mm.

We develop and manufacture individual tools with automatic or manual transfer of platinum. The tools are adapted to the customer’s press and optimised for a quick and safe handling. We seek the best compromise between durability and production cost, with emphasis on the quality.

Testing, completion and assembly

Each tool is precisely tested on our own presses (Litostroj 1250T 4000x2750mm, PELS IWK 400T 2100x1300mm) as well as the proper functioning with help of accurate coordination measurements. The eventual defects are identified and eliminated before the take-over of the tools. If needed, we perform the optimisation and correction for the purpose of faultless functioning. We make a series of sample products and work together at the assembly of the tools, enabling this way an efficient putting into operation of a serial production.
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