About us

The toolmaking factory Metalid d.o.o.

is a limited liability company, established in 1990 with private capital. We are a small, dynamic and successful family-run company with a long tradition in the area of tool and machine manufacture. The customers’ orders are very different, demanding and complex, and so is our production. The manufacture ranges from the classical manual procedures to the modern CNC machining at precise machining centres, whereby we are not only focused on the development and production of the new tools, but we provide a complete service in toolmaking for our partners.

In our efforts for success and completion of wide-range and high-quality solutions and achievement of goals, we employ highly skilled experts who use the latest software and hardware at their work.

We are an internationally competitive provider and exporter to the most demanding markets. Our success is not only shown through the satisfaction of our customers and business partners, but also in continuous growth of our sales.

The year 2016 was a turnabout year for Metalid, as we moved completely to the new business premises and the new production plant in the industrial zone Hoče.

Managing Director: Marko Bogadi

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