Other Machines and Devices

Other Machines and Devices

Upon customers’ wish and request we provide a draft, construction design and manufacture of different devices, which enable, simplify or speed up a particular operation. A lot of inovation and experience is needed in this area and our own construction design department is combining these two together very successfully, whereby we are not only limited to the area of toolmaking.

Welding and clamping devices

Welding and clamping devices are used to clearly position specific parts among each other and exist in the most various forms. They include pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic elements and are operated by a human or a robot. The requested preciseness and repeatability of process is thereby garantied. We have a lot of experience with manual and pneumatic devices.

Transport devices

In the field of transport devices we have more than 15 years of experience. We have developed and manufactured numerous pallets, transport carts and material transport trolleys. We manufacture transport devices mainly for special purposes and predetermined use.
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